HIP Studio - Pulling Inspiration, Written by: Kayte Corrigan

HIP studioThey say what you focus on expands. I certainly hope that doesn’t include my rear end because that’s been my focus for a while. However, I do believe the power of positive thinking is a discipline as challenging as eating clean for 3 months. For a while, because of a rigorous schedule, I had been taking my workouts at home. I started to notice a lack of effort and a disgruntled spirit. The biggest change was the depth of my critiques, I was never satisfied. Not with my effort, not with my body, or my focus. Our bodies and our minds have a relationship, I needed to work on mine being a loving one.

Recently, I’ve tried to focus on what I can do, and not what I can’t. As a result of my shift in focus, I found I can actually do more. I try more. I push harder too.
It’s hard not to compare yourself or your body to others in the room, so now I’m using it for positive vibes. I see someone working hard in class and allow her hard work to push me to my next level. If you are lacking inspiration for your workouts look no further than those around you. Together we work hard and sweat it out as a team. All you have to do is show up.
HIP Studio is a harbor where inspiration of all kinds docks. Each client, each trainer and even the writing on the wall is there as a spark for you to ignite your full potential. I know if I let myself be inspired by those around me, I will reach that potential and beyond. And I know you can too. Less critical, more loving, and opened to inspiration!
-Kayte Walsh
HIP Trainer