HIP Studio - No TV Tuesdays, Written by Kayte Corrigan

Spring begins to fade into summer and although the weather might be a little warmer, I still feel myself giving into the grind. At my house we are trying to take advantage of the extra daylight and challenge ourselves to a HIP Studio NO TV TUESDAYS. It seems like almost every night of the week I can be found on the couch getting hooked on another show or searching for another movie. While the weekends tend to be more active, the weekly routine gives way to a post supper couch session. My better half and I have settled on changing our habits in the beginning of the week for more variety in our lives. We put together a list of activities to be enjoyed in recreation, none of which involve the boob-tube.

  • Leisurely Bike Ride
  • Take a walk to get staple grocery items
  • A game of scrabble
  • Reading session
  • Trying out new music
  • Watching the sunset
  • Mid-week power cleaning
  • Quality time with the dog, fetch!
  • Exploring new recipes
  • Painting/crafts or household projects (go back through your Pinterest Boards)
  • baking for a friend or neighbor

Sometimes its just a half hour sitcom to unwind, but that can be replaced with a chapter of a good book. Even during busy weeks when you flick the TV on just for noise, take the time to change your tune and select music instead. Use this HIP Studio No TV Tuesdays to change your habits.