HIP Slim Down/Tone Up Challenge: Results!

Written by: Kayte Corrigan

Today is the day! Thanks to two and a half months of hard workouts, the HIP trainers and the HIP 7-Day Detox, I officially fit back into my dance team jeans. Happy Birthday to me!

I’m not just counting the buttons on my fly, I’ve got pounds and inches to add up too. I’ve lost 10lbs, 1 inch off my bust, 2 inches at my waist and 2 more around my hips. My limbs are slimmer too, with a half-inch gone on each thigh and a whopping 1½ inches on each arm! That’s 9 inches that disappeared. Someone take me somewhere tropical, I’m bikini ready!

This isn’t over because my day is up, it’s a lifestyle makeover I’m dedicated to maintaining. I had neglected my health by letting stress not only pack on the pounds but I also put my body on a problem path of migraines and fatigue. My change in mindset is a gift that goes beyond the weight loss. It’s the best birthday present I could give to myself.

I’m feeling so good, another year older doesn’t mean anything. I can’t wait to jump into 29 and rebound back up to 30 next year!

The before picture on the left was taken 9/22/12, shooting a short video. The after photo on the right was taken 12/16/12, wearing said dance team jeans of 2003 with each button buttoned! Hope to see you at HIP working for results too!

Kayte Walsh

Trainer, HIP Studio