HIP Pilates Principle - #1 Awareness

Written by: Kayte Corrigan It’s important to understand the 10 HIP Pilates principles rooted in the teachings of Joseph Pilates as you practice. We’ve put them on our blue wall to encourage and remind you during every exercise.

The #1 Principal on the list is AWARENESS.
HIP Pilates
Awareness refers to stabilizing the pelvis, therefore, all moments are initiated from a place of stability. Awareness connects the mind to the body for the safest and most effective movement. Being aware of your pelvis in a neutral position, sitting, standing or laying down can have you experiencing improvement during every session.
Keen awareness to the pelvic placement in relation to the whole body not only benefits your Pilates practice, but also safely strengthens the core. Knowing when to use a neutral pelvis versus imprint trains your abdominals to correctly support your spine for optimal movement and longevity.
Awareness doesn’t leave the body as you step outside of class. As you become clued in to your body placement inside your Pilates practice you’ll take this consciousness to everyday activities. Think about relaxing your shoulders sitting in front of your computer, engaging your abdominals while cooking, or having neutral pelvis watching TV. You poor postural habits can begin to disappear with your body awareness.