HIP Pilates Mind/Body – Transversus Abdominus

HIP PilatesWritten by: Kayte Corrigan

Everyone wants a six-pack, and not beer or soda. So much training targets the core to yield a washboard effect, but the secret to strong abs isn’t more crunches. Seldom is mentioned about the Transversus Abdominus, even though they are the deepest layer of muscles in the abdomen and the foundation of spine stabilization in addition to aiding in respiration.

Think of the transverses as the ice under the six-pack keeping it cold. The fibers of this muscle run horizontally around the font and back of the body, feeling like a corset or back brace tightening slightly when engaged. Drawing the navel in to stabilize the spine, a strong Transversus protects the lower back along with weight regulation along the vertebral column and pelvis. You can work on strengthening this inner core muscle while driving, sitting at the computer and definitely keep it in mind during your HIP Pilates workouts. You can’t practice good posture without it!