HIP Pilates Tip #3 Balance

HIP Pilates

Written by: Kayte Corrigan

Achieving balance in HIP Pilates is more than just moving with grace and staying up right. It refers more to the balance of mind and body in execution of movement. Instead of your body moving in a reactionary pattern, the mind moves the body from a moment of initiation.

There are times when the body is not in the right place during the exercise and your trainer will tactically correct your positioning. At this point it is important for the mind to make a note of this correction, to feel the proper placement and engage the proper muscles with the breath. This balance between the mind and body will deepen your understanding of Pilates. You will get more out of each class if you aim to connect the mental and physical you during each exercise. This balance acts as a magnifier for your habits, good and bad, in your mind and body while exercising.

Take this idea of your mind/body balance out of the studio. Have you ever “gone through the motions" only to realize your motions were wrong? If your mind wants to wander, rest, relax and let your mind go without holding tension in your body. If you need to execute a task, pay attention to what you are doing in the moment. You’ll notice by balancing the two your tasks will be completed much faster and your mind will stay clear if you let it ponder.

Balance is truly something we will practice for a lifetime. HIP Pilates can help us take that to new heights.