HIP Detox: Day 4, Written by: Kayte Corrigan

The light at the end of the tunnel, halfway mark! I got up at 6am to teach my Barre class and immediately returned home to go back to bed. My insides were sore from the colonic yesterday. I couldn’t stomach the saltwater flush, so I skipped it. When I rose from my slumber the second time I noticed a decrease in my appetite. With my energy pretty low I pulled myself together to get some work done.

I started to notice an increase in my sense of smell. It was as though all my neighbors started cooking at the same time. My energy level was improved from the day before, but not enough for high intensity anything. I took Heidi’s yoga class in the afternoon. It was magnificent, exactly what I needed. I even got a little emotional stretching my hips in pidgin pose.

For dinner I made the Pesto Pasta (zucchini). I even picked the basil right off my own plant! It was a great change of pace from the Veggie Power Bowls I’ve taken to for dinner. After, I settled in with my honey to watch some prime time tv and enjoyed my tea. We started discussing the changes we are going to make in our diets and shopping habits post-detox. It’s becoming quite the list already.

Food: Orange, strawberry smoothie with protein and kale, green peppers with lemon tahini, Pesto Pasta with red onions, peppers, kale, spinach + elixir, water with lemon, detox tea.

Symptoms: Fatigue, dull headache, body aches, elevated body temperature, decreased menstruation, acne, sleep interruption.

Disclaimer: This experience is typical of the HIP Detox, yet everyone is different. This account is only a representation of the effects of the cleanse. Please consult with a nutritionist or doctor before attempting any sort of cleanse or drastic change in diet.