HIP Detox: Day 3, Written by: Kayte Corrigan

Today I get a colonic, so no salt flush (sweet relief). I taught my 6am Barre, no food. I stopped drinking water an hour before. I did my best in a HIP class but the reformer wasn’t my buddy. I felt extremely heavy, but I did what I could because moving around has felt good for me.

My colonic was fantastic! Well… as good as a colonic can be.  Georgette is incredibly knowledgeable with a soothing bedside manner. She said I did good for my first time and I really needed it. It was eye opening to discuss my diet with a colon aficionado. I learned I should lay off white wine and include more leafing greens in my diet. When it was over, I felt as if someone deflated a balloon inside of me. So. Much. Lighter. I see Georgette the day after my detox, so I can see the improvements from the inside out. Literally.

After my colonic, I dragged myself to an infrared sauna session. The two combined made my day, marked improvement from early morning. 40 minutes in the sauna: first 20 felt like a warm room, the next 20 was a great sweat.

The rest of the day I kept my mind focused on working toward a deadline for a writing assignment, a great distraction. Today was the first day of the “elixir.” I enjoy referring to it with a maniacal tone, like a witch preparing to cast a spell, a detox spell. It’s not as foul as something you’d find in a dark woman’s brew, but it will get you, my pretty. Its sweetness comes from raw cane and its bite comes from cayenne. Serve cold with a straw, suck down. Repeat every 2 hours with water.   

From the moment I woke up I had difficulty making simple decisions and that lasted all until the evening when my fatigue settled in deeper. My tea at the end of the night was welcomed finish line to a difficult day.

Food: Orange, strawberry smoothie with protein and kale, hard boiled egg, celery with lemon tahini, Veggie Power Bowl with quinoa red onions, peppers, kale, spinach + elixir, water with lemon, detox tea.

Symptoms: Mood swings, fatigue, clouded judgment, dull headache, excess ear wax, nose gunk, body aches, elevated body temperature, body odor, decreased menstruation, acne, sleep interruption.

Disclaimer: This experience is typical of the HIP Detox, yet everyone is different. This account is only a representation of the effects of the cleanse. Please consult with a nutritionist or doctor before attempting any sort of cleanse or drastic change in diet.