HIP Detox: Day 1, Written by: Kayte Corrigan

If you’ve never done a salt-water flush, this is the hardest part. There are various tricks to getting it down and today I tried the chug method. I channeled my inner frat boy but to no avail. This is harder than beer. But I got it down and moved on. When they say “keep the bathroom close” they mean it. In about 45mins I felt some rumblings and needed to stay nearby for the next hour. It has to come out some way… how else would the toxins leave the body? I wish the story about the toxin fairy were true, flying around in her little hazmat suit, leaving behind slices of lemons in your water.

Anyway, the good thing about flush taking effect is that I get to eat an orange. This orange goes with the Tea elixir. Drink 8oz of the tea elixir for the first 2 days every two hours plus water. Another reason to keep near a bathroom. By the time I got to HIP for class I had so much liquid in me I could barely do a crunch. Okay, that’s an exaggeration. I was a little bloated, and it felt really good to move around.

The food was not a problem, I never felt hungry and the recipes are fantastic. I made the Raw Lemon Tahini, which is a sesame seeds paste with water, lemon, flax seed oil. I ate that with pepper slivers. Later on in the evening I enjoyed the Veggie Power Bowl with quinoa. It was almost too much food.

I got a little irritable in the evening, but overall it was a good day. A few things you’ll want in excess: lemons, alkaline or filtered water, straws and baby wipes. Oh and spring for top shelf toilet paper. You’ll thank yourself later.  

Food: Orange, hard boiled egg, apple, lemon tahini, pepper slivers, raspberry smoothie with protein, Veggie Power Bowl with quinoa, peppers, red onions, spinach, kale + Tea elixir, water with lemon and detox tea. 

Symptoms: Headache, bloating, increased frequency of urination, irritability.

Disclaimer: This experience is typical of the HIP Detox, yet everyone is different. This account is only a representation of the effects of the cleanse. Please consult with a nutritionist or doctor before attempting any sort of cleanse or drastic change in diet.