HIP Client of the Month - Mary C!


We are absolutely thrilled to announce our hip client of the month - Mary C! If you have been in class with Mary, you know she is the jumpboard queen and class comedienne.  She takes her Pilates practice seriously, but her witty sense of humor is guaranteed to make any hipster in her presence chuckle :)

To date she has attended 1,061 classes, has perfected the long spine stretch, and has happily let go of 35 pounds!

We first met Mary in January 2012 and she has honestly continued to amaze us with her fierce dedication and consistent commitment, to not only improve, but to thrive.  She walks into each class with a spirit of generosity and an energy that inspires her instructors and fellow hipsters.  She is the first to get into an exercise, and welcomes any challenge for the advanced option of an exercise.  When she first started, the long spine stretch exercise on the reformer was “a bit of a stretch”, but as you can see from the picture, she has absolutely perfected it from head to toe.  We are so proud!

When Mary walked through our doors, she made a commitment to make health a priority and she hasn’t looked back.  She somehow finds the time to balance attending 5-6 hip classes a week, being a wife to her husband of almost 17 years, carting her twin 9 year old girls to all their figure skating practices and events, and taking her beloved German Shepherds for their daily walks.

We recently asked Mary a few questions.  We hope you enjoy her answers as much as we did!

What advice would the Mary today give the Mary 3 1/2 years ago?

If I could talk to the person I was post HIP class #1, I would tell myself . . . the workouts are challenging, but continue to push yourself--you won’t believe where you will be 3 1/2 years/1000+ classes later. Your body will be stronger than ever, your mind clearer, and you will accomplish things you didn’t think possible/do exercises that you didn’t think were humanly possible (i.e. long spine). 

Why did you start doing Pilates?

I wanted to become stronger and healthier. Spoiler alert: it worked. :) 

What keeps you motivated to workout?

I love they way I feel! My head is clearer, my body is stronger. Seeing my body change and being able to do things that I couldn't do when I started is a huge motivator. Plus, I love the trainers and fellow hipsters. It is a great community—super supportive! 

What is your weekly workout schedule?

I am at HIP 5-6 days a week—I am a jumpboard and Pilates girl. Jumpboard has done amazing things for my legs in particular. It is great head clearer and mood elevator. Everyone needs to try it! I follow my workouts by walking my German Shepherds. 

What has been the biggest change you've seen since you started at hip?

I'm a different person, I am stronger and happier. I have lost 35 lbs (and still have some work to do on my body composition). I recognize possibilities that I missed before. I want to model (especially to my daughters) what it means to be strong and joyful. 

Well Mary, you ARE strong and joyful, and not only are you an example to your daughters, you are an inspiration to all of us to continue to strive to be our Best Selves! Thank you for being a part of our hip family!