HIP Client of the Month: Laura Hagestad

Laura HagestadLaura has been a loyal HIPster since the day we opened our doors 3 years ago.  She truly exemplifies what living the HIP life is all about!  She's constantly pushing herself to grow and be her best self, she helps set the tone for each class with her positive energy and level of intensity, and she leads by example by consistently eating clean and living fit. The first year Laura was with us she completed the HIP To Be Healthy 7-day Detox, the second year she completed the HIP 90 Challenge, and this year she is getting her Pilates certification. Laura continually strives to be her best self and we couldn't think of a better HIPster to honor and highlight, as we celebrate 3 years! Growing up in Northern Kentucky, Laura played every sport imaginable from competitive gymnastics to swimming, basketball to volleyball, but always had a love for soccer and decided to concentrate on soccer as her main sport.  With the love and support of her family, Laura ended up living out her dream by playing Division 1 soccer at the University of Kentucky.  She has been a consistent sports and fitness enthusiast ever since, and is actually considered the “expert” amongst family and friends when it comes to healthy eating and exercise.

Laura moved to Hermosa Beach almost 9 years ago for a job, and met now husband Regan shortly after.  They just celebrated their 1-year wedding anniversary and are happily making a life here in the South Bay.  Laura recently decided to get her Pilates certification and we are confident that she will make a wonderful instructor.

We recently asked her a few questions about her fitness regime and diet:

With such a busy schedule, what keeps you motivated to workout? It's just what I do and part of who I am. But what motivates me are the overall health benefits of exercising and increasing my odds for a long happy, healthy life! 

What is your weekly workout schedule? I am always at HIP!  I just love it!  You can count on me being there at least 5 times a week unless I am out of town.  I also like to go on walks on the strand with girlfriends so we can get outside and chat it up!  And every once in awhile I go on a short run by myself if I have time.

Did you try Pilates prior to HIP? I did for a year but was really excited to hear that Christine & Amber were opening HIP.  I have been a "Hipster" ever since they opened their doors almost 3 years ago!

What do you love about Pilates/ the studio? I love that you get a full body workout with every class!  I also love the studio's friendly atmosphere and love that we all push each other!  It's so nice to see familiar faces and be part of the HIP family!

Where have you noticed the biggest difference? No big changes for me but I continually feel strong, toned and just simply healthy.  Through the years though, I have seen so many other people come into the studio and have visible results!

Favorite classes? I really enjoy all the classes.  That's why I try to mix up my classes as much as possible.  I typically try to take Pilates 3 days a week, Bag of Tricks 2X a week, and either Jumpboard or CardioBand 1 day a week.  Mixing it up keeps your body guessing and makes every day walking into the studio different!

Any diet nutrition tips to share that have worked the best for you?  Eating clean is my only recommendation.  No diets, No restrictions. I try to eat really clean through the week so I can enjoy the weekends! Let's just say, I will never give up wine.   

What is your favorite restaurant in the Southbay? Well, we order in Poulet Du Jour almost every week!  I order the fattoush and add chicken.  Love that place! If we are eating out, we go to really any of the local Hermosa restaurants.  We love Hot's Kitchen, Mediterraneo, and the new Hook & Plow.

Your favorite 'healthy' go to weekday meal? I have two; I make vegetable soup in my crock pot!  I literally dump all kinds of veggies, add vegetable broth and spice it up with cayenne pepper.  It's so easy and makes a few meals!  And the second is a salad that I always keep on hand. Baby spinach, mushrooms, english pees, shaved parmesan cheese, olive oil, and the key is white wine vinegar. Salt and pepper to taste. So easy.

Thanks for sharing with us Laura!  We love having you as part of our HIP Family!