HIP Client of the Month: David Little A Doctor, A Dad, and a Very HIP Dude!

photoThis Father’s Day we decided to highlight one of our favorite HIP Dads, David Little! David walked into our studio on September 6, 2011 and has been a loyal HIPster ever since.  He has consistently attended an average of 5 HIP classes per week, with a current schedule of 3 Bag of Tricks and 2 High Intensity Pilates.  David brings his A-game to each and every class, inspiring those around him to do the same!  David is an absolute pleasure to have in class; he shows up ready to work, with a positive attitude and a smile on his face! Balancing his busy schedule as a Doctor and Dad, David has vowed to make health a priority.

“The one rule I try to adhere to is to never let work get in the way of my workouts or family. Even though it's impossible at times, I do a pretty good job of following this rule”.

Depending on the day, you can be sure to find him on the reformer closest to the window, or on the trampoline in the back right corner.

HIP Studio is so grateful to have such a dynamic and diverse community of people; Men and women with a common goal of being healthy and fit!

“What I love about Pilates is the way it makes me feel.  I can notice myself getting stronger as I go and it feels really good. The biggest difference I have noticed is my core strength.  I started without much, but now feel like I have developed a great deal of strength.  There are a lot of exercises I can do now that I couldn't when I started.  As my core strength has increased, my low back pain, which I have dealt with since high school, has almost completely resolved.”

We asked David what he would tell other men who think Pilates is just for women.

“I was one of those men who thought Pilates was just for women.  The first Pilates class I ever took was about 4 years ago, and I didn't even know what a plank was.  That class was really hard for me, and I couldn't believe all those women were so much stronger than I was.   I kept going to the classes and could feel myself getting stronger each week, and I was hooked.  What I would tell men who were like I was before I started these classes is that they should try a class and try to keep up with the women in the class. Their opinion about Pilates would immediately change.”

We know that staying motivated can be a challenge, especially when life gets busy!  David shared what has helped him stay consistent in his HIP workouts.

“There are a variety of classes so you don't feel like you're always in the same routine. The HIP instructors are all excellent and are very engaged in what they are teaching.  They challenge the people who like to be challenged, but never push too hard if you're not feeling it.  They all seem like they love what they're doing and that makes the classes fun even though you're working hard.  Everyone there is just really nice which gives the studio a great energy. I also like the feeling I get after a workout knowing I'm doing what I can to stay healthy.  I've always loved competing in sports and physical activities and working out now gives me that feeling.  I also am motivated to keep working out because I'm at the age where when I take too much time off or slack off for an extended period of time, it takes me longer to regain the strength and stamina I had before.  I feel much better about myself when I am exercising regularly.”

And last but certainly not least, we asked David about being a Dad:

“Being a dad is the best.  My kids are both in college now and there has been nothing more rewarding in my life than watching them grow and develop from little babies into great young men.  What blows me away is that it seems like yesterday when they were born, and now they're building their own lives.  It's motivating for me too, because even though I'm a lot older than they are, I'm going to keep trying my best to keep up with them physically.  I think that's sort of a competitive male thing.”

Well David, we think your boys are lucky to have you as their Dad and we know you will be able to keep up with them for years to come!  Thank you for being a part of our HIP Family!