HIP Client of the Month: Amy H.

madewithOver One of the things we love most about our job is meeting amazing people like Amy.  Her story is inspiring and we are so happy she has joined our HIP Family!

Amy took her first class on July 15, 2014, and committed to the HIP60 Challenge in September.  She is now 5 months stronger, 38 pounds lighter and has a new outlook on life!

After walking into the doctors and stepping on the scale, I couldn't believe what I had let happen. Life had gotten a little hectic. Within the past two years, I lost my dad of a heart attack at the age of 57 and then I lost my grandfather (his dad) a year later. With such high health risk factors in my family, I decided I wanted to get back to healthy and take care of me.

Amy made a decision to get healthy and started researching local fitness studios and gyms. One of her biggest concerns was that instructors and other clients would be judgmental as she didn't quite fit the look of what she presumed was the “typical studio body”.  We are delighted to say that when she walked through our doors she was happily mistaken with how she was received.

The instructors listened to my goals and never once judged me. They helped me work around my back/neck issues. Other clients were quick to help me figure out the equipment or say hi. There were no cold shoulders! The owners were so encouraging of me when I first started and helped make me feel so welcomed and accepted. I knew after the first few classes that this was the place to help me accomplish my fitness goals. The music is upbeat and fun. The studio is clean and most importantly the workouts are challenging. This combination of supportive instructors and great workouts makes HIP Studio the place for me. I look forward to continued success there! 

When we opened our doors almost four years ago, we dreamed of creating a space that would be an all-inclusive, supportive community of like-minded people striving to become their best, most healthy selves! We are so happy that when Amy decided to give our studio a try, that was what she experienced and she made a commitment to transform her life.

The biggest change has been the 38 pounds I got rid of since starting at HIP on July 15th. I don't like to say losing weight because losing implies I didn't want it to go, while in fact I am happy to see it gone. I actively chose to get rid of the weight! My first class I couldn't hold a plank without using my knees, putting my feet in the TRX seemed like impossibility, and I thought the reformer was going to break me. But now, I am 5 months stronger and can hold a plank for a minute, put my feet in the TRX, and use the reformer with a little more confidence now. Being a former student athlete and involved in dance, my body was very happy to be start returning to its former self. My 5 months is just the beginning. I still have a long road to go, but I have a clear path ahead of me.

Since making this recent commitment to her health, Amy hasn’t let up.  She has an attitude that inspires those around her, and is a joy to have at the studio.  Amy gives 110% each class and truly leads by example. She is dedicated, consistent and accountable, and we are happy to have her as our HIP Client of the Month.

We recently asked her a few questions about how she stays committed and what motivates her.

It is not so much a 'what' as a 'why' that I am motivated.  I finally made the decision that I don't just want to look better, but I want to feel betterI set reasonable goals and stick to them. I hold myself accountable because excuses get me nowhere. Whether I am tired or a little sore, I am not going to get stronger if I take a workout off. Of course, a day of rest each week is important to help the muscles and I do take one each week. It is just like I tell my students who can't do something the first time- I let them know that the struggle is good; it is that which helps us grow as a person. Setting goals has been crucial in making progress. I weigh in at home every Monday to see how I am doing. I am not looking for a magic number on the scale; rather, I have given myself a year long goal to account for the times when I might slip up with food or a missed work out.

What is a typical day like, and how do you maintain a successful work/life balance? 

A typical day is getting up early to get in a good breakfast, then it's off to teaching young minds in the 4th grade. After work it's a workout, dinner, then grading papers and lesson planning for the next day. Finally, I get a good night's rest and I'm up to do it all over again!

What is your weekly workout schedule?

I work out 5-6 days a week. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and most Saturdays, I take Bag of Tricks while I do Pilates on Wednesday and then I take a ballet class in the evening. If I'm not able to make a class with work, I usually try and take a run on the Hermosa Valley Greenbelt in Hermosa or around my own neighborhood.  

What is your favorite class? 

My favorite class is Bag of Tricks. I have tried most of the classes with many of the instructors, but I love how much you can push yourself both in cardio and strength in Bag of Tricks. As I am losing weight through the cardio and building up my strength, my goal is to become more comfortable taking more Pilates classes.  

Any diet nutrition tips to share that have worked the best for you?

Less sugar equals less inflammation and less fat. Out of everything from the HIP60 Challenge that I took part in, this was the most beneficial fact I learned from the literature I had to read. I am very aware now of the amount of sugar I consume and what that translates to!

What is your favorite 'healthy' go to weekday meal?

I enjoy a good piece of baked salmon, green beans, and Spanish rice.

We sincerely appreciate Amy sharing her story with us and allowing us to take part in her journey of becoming her best, most healthy self!