High Plank/Low Plank: A Core Study

Written by: Kayte Corrigan

You know your core isn’t just about the abs, but did you know a plank isn’t just about your core? The plank fires into your quadriceps, glutes, and shoulders as well. In fact, almost your entire body is active, and we can thank gravity for that. The plank position also offers more than just improved core strength. Increased muscle endurance and balance are results of the plank as well.

We love the high plank for it’s versatility to use with mountain climbers and one legged isometric holds. We love low plank or forearm plank for its intensity as coming down a level changes the lever, increasing the challenge gravity places on body weight. We love side plank for the emphasis on obliques. We love challenging our plank-ability by practicing variations on the reformer and TRX.

We plank because it’s effective for the whole body and challenges us to persevere, mind over matter. How long can you hold your plank? Probably longer than last week.