Foodie Friday – What To Eat After A Workout, Written by: Kayte Corrigan

It’s a tough decision, post exercise meal. You need to nourish your body, but you also don’t want to undo all the good that you’ve done in your workout. Many workout warriors can get very hungry after a workout making overeating easy. Eating anything and everything is dangerous, but eating the right meal or snack will refuel and repair your muscles properly.

First and foremost, rehydrate. Then choose whole grains and fiber for consumption during your “refueling window” (30mins – 2 hours post workout). During this time your body can process carbohydrates faster and replace muscle fuel to get ready for your next workout. Incorporate protein as well. Protein will stop your body from breaking down muscle tissue for energy and initiate the process of rebuilding and repairing your muscles. About 25% of the calories you eat after a workout should come from protein—that’s about 10-15 grams for most people.

If you’re on the go, fresh smoothies are a quick option. Sandwiches on whole grain bread, stir-fry and veggie omelets are also great meal options. Eating at the right times is essential to keep your energy up and your body performing at it’s highest quality.