Foodie Friday - Trainers Talk Carbs, Written by: Kayte Corrigan

First carbs were good, then carbs were bad. Now we’re supposed to limit the carbs, but that doesn’t seem right either. We asked a couple of your favorite trainers what they thought.

Marla gets grains from the farmer’s market.

“My muscles need some fuel!  As a yoga and fitness instructor on the go, I need to keep my energy consistent throughout the day. I like my classes to be upbeat and charged with energy, and that happens when I am eating good food and staying hydrated. Good carbs, whole grains and fresh fruits, keep me going. I visit the farmer’s markets around town and grab my favorites for the week. Fresh fruit or smoothies are good for your morning wake up and in the afternoon for a satisfying snack. Brown rice, whole wheat bread or crackers, cannellini beans or whole grain pasta round out the perfect meal. Carbs are essential.”

Amber fuels by family traditions.

“I’ve never been a huge fan of “diets” that exclude carbohydrates.  Personally, my body functions better when I am including a healthy portion of good carbs (and even “bad carbs” on occasion).  My husband grew up with his Italian Grandma serving up pasta with a delicious homemade sauce.  He has worked hard to perfect his own sauce and it is one of my favorite dishes!  To make it healthier, we often serve it up with whole wheat or whole grain pasta.  Carbohydrates play an important role in providing my body with the energy it needs to function, as well as helping me maintain the highly active lifestyle I enjoy!  Just like a car, the body needs fuel to run, and the right carbohydrates are significant ingredients to the fuel!”

Choose the right fuel for you! Carbs approved!