Foodie Friday: Drinking Calories, Written by: Kayte Corrigan

You grab drinks with clients, celebrate the holiday with a flute of sparkling, or enjoy a glass to unwind. We all know drinking calories aren’t fat-loss friendly. Your body processes alcohol first, leaving the carbs hanging out until they get stored as fat. 

But don’t shy away from a toast too soon. Knowing the difference between drinks isn’t just for bartenders. Pick the glass that’s right for you and your goals.

Wine – One 5oz glass is about 100 calories (a little more if it’s a heavy pour) with no cholesterol, sodium or fat. This goes for both the reds and the whites, with the exclusion of some sweet after dinner wines, like sherry.

Hard Liquor – Although higher calories per oz than wine, and even though you may drink less of it, beware of mixers that add to the carbs like crazy. Choose to mix with calorie free beverages like diet soda or tonic.

Beer – a beer can range from 150 to over 200 calories per 12oz glass from light to dark respectively. Keep in mind a pint is 16oz. The carbs can reach over 13 per serving.

When choosing a beverage take note of health benefits, such an antioxidants in red wine and darker beer while trying to manage your caloric intake accordingly. We all know alcohol lowers inhibitions, leading us to make poor choices from eating to driving. Please drink responsibly, a DD with a glass of water doesn’t drink any calories. 

Check out excellent nutritional information and charts for the above: