Foam Rolling for the Sore

Written by: Kayte Corrigan

Maybe you’ve just powered through your first few classes of the new year. Maybe you’re trying a few new exercises. Or you’ve kicked it up a notch and are upping the intensity of your workouts. You might not even be able to put your finger on it, but climbing stairs is hard, waving goodbye hurts, and muscles you didn’t know you had are making an appearance. If you are sore, make a date with a foam roller.

We have them at the studio if you’d like to use them before or after class and you can find them in most Sporting Good stores or departments. It’s like a deep tissue massage you can give to yourself.

Sit on the floor with the roller perpendicular to your body. Starting with your calf, slowly rolling the roller up the back of your leg to your glute, rotating your leg to get the full surface area of the muscle. If you find a painful pressure point try to settle on it and roll it out. Lay on your side to get your IT band, then your front for your hip flexor and quadriceps. Repeat on your other leg and each arm in a similar way. Remember to breathe deeply when you get to a tight spot. Your muscles need oxygen.

The roller is also great on your upper back, but take care if you are working on your lumbar area. Lie on the roller long ways so your spine lines up with the roller and let your arms open out to the sides for a great chest stretch.

Foam rolling can help relieve residual soreness and service a good night’s sleep.