Clean Eating Foods that Sound Healthy, But Aren't, Written by: Kayte Corrigan

With the country becoming more health conscious and the desire to shrink the waistlines from the purple mountains majesty to the amber waves of grain, manufacturers have changed their advertising to steer you to the newest health foods. But are they really healthy?
Here are 4 foods that are faux healthy.
clean eating
1. Multi grain breads. That loaf can have 7 grains, 12 grains, or just plain wheat but that doesn’t mean much if it’s baked with enriched flours and refined grain. This means that you aren’t getting the benefits of whole grain. Check the ingredients, if the first on the list is a refined grain like bleached (or unbleached) enriched wheat flour you won’t get the benefit of the whole grains they are advertising on the front of the package. Brands like Ezikal Breads and Dave’s Killer Bread are better alternatives for nutrients.
2. Added Fiber. There are a number of fiber fortified foods on the market aimed at most of us who don’t get our regular suggested 25-30 grams. These foods like cereals, bars, crackers etc use man made fibers that researchers say may not have the same benefits as consuming fiber from fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seeds and nuts. You can’t cheat fiber.
3. Packaged Turkey. Turkey is can be a quick easy source of lean protein, but packaged turkey slices are pumped with sodium. One serving can add up to almost 1/3 the recommended for the day. Buy fresh or roast your own. If you just have to have it, try a low sodium brand with less than 350mg of sodium per serving.
4. Smoothies. If you are a grab and go smoothie addict, do your research. Smoothie shops often advertise low fat dairy, but that’s not always the case if your getting a big portion. Chains add sugar, ice cream or sherbet that can add up to over 500 calories per blended drink. The best thing to do is to make your own of real fruit. Add in a cup of leafy greens for a boost in vitamins and fiber, you won’t even taste it.
Don’t be fooled! Always check the ingredients and nutrition facts and determine for yourself the quality and health of each product before you buy. Here's to clean eating!