Clean Eating Food Face Off: Spinach vs. Kale, Written by: Kayte Corrigan

clean eatingI know you can’t really go wrong with leafy greens, but my staple baby spinach had me second guessing in the store. I love to put it in smoothies, egg scrambles, or chop it up really fine for salads and veggie bowls. I look down the long display of fresh produce at the grocer and land upon the Kale Korner. I love the crunch of kale and the taste, but how does it stack up against my tried and true?

Clean Eating Food Face Off:
100g of Kale vs. 100g of Spinach
Calories: Although when it comes to greens, don’t need to count they are all pretty low. But it’s good to know if you need more or less for your diet.
Kale: 50 vs. Spinach: 23
Carbs: it’s not that you’re eating them it’s how you balance them.
Kale: 10g vs. Spinach: 3.6g
Protein: it’s what makes a good recovery drink, snack, or meal!
Kale: 3.3g vs. Spinach: 2.9g
Vitamin A: for your bones, night vision, and immunity boost. Skip the night vision goggles, get more A.
Kale: 308% vs. Spinach: 188%
Vitamin C: for immunity, cardio health, joint and skin health, and it’s easily lost in the body so daily intake it necessary!
Kale: 12% vs. Spinach: 3%
Calcium: For bone density. You’re bone density increases and peaks about age 30. A calcium deficiency will cause the body to “steal” the calcium from bones. Prevent calcium thievery, get your recommended daily value.
Kale: 14% vs. Spinach: 10%
Iron: For your blood. Iron is a component of hemoglobin in red blood cells that transport oxygen to cells.
Kale: 9% vs. Spinach: 15%
See how the rest of the vitamins and minerals stack up here:
Both are an excellent clean eating choice and make a great green medley if you simply can’t choose. Depending on what your body needs choose which leaf is right for you, but if you stick to just one, you could be missing out on the other.