Change Your Mind ... Change Your Life!

Change Your Mind Change Your Life

Change your mind … change your life!  You may have heard the saying, “What you focus on grows”. When we focus on what’s NOT going well in our lives, we feel weighed down, negative, uninspired, overwhelmed, stressed out and exhausted! It is human nature … our minds inevitably shift to the negative and we wonder why we feel stuck and why our lives lack passion.  We wonder why we are so unlucky and why life feels so challenging! Are we are alone or is life just hard?! The more we focus on these negative thoughts, the more we experience these negative feelings. Our mind is a powerful tool, and by simply changing our thoughts, we can change our lives.  Try taking 5 minutes each day to shift your thoughts and focus on what IS going well! We can change our entire mood and give ourselves an immediate burst of energy and inspiration.  It sounds simple … and it is!  For the next week, take 5 minutes each day to write down 5 things that are going well in your life! They can be simple and small. Think about this past week and take note of a few things you feel proud of! You’ve been consistent in your workouts this last week … You finally got around to cleaning out your closet … You made a new dish that your family loved … You finished reading a book … You got a promotion … ANYTHING GOOD!  Shift your awareness and see how what you focus on expands and grows!