Cardio Kickboxing Classes | The Best New Exercises for Women

The Best New Exercises for Women in One Cardio Kickboxing Class cardio kickboxing classesWomen all over the world have “knocked out” the notion that kickboxing is just a Man’s sport. Kickboxing is highly beneficial to women. Kickboxing will give women a complete cardiovascular workout that will give them resistance training simultaneously. It is a total body workout. Women will be able to gain strength, increase their flexibility, improve their coordination, and burn calories to reduce fat using a variety of kicking, punching, and quick movements. The following are some of the best kickboxing moves that women practice in cardio kickboxing classes at HIP Studio.


Performing jabs is similar to performing punches. This move involves holding the body in a defensive stance. You will then need to jab forward using your fist, while turning your arm so that your knuckles can rotate to hit your specific target. Whether you are hitting a person, punching into air, or using a punching bag, you will need to keep your fist aligned straight with your shoulder, and your elbows will need to be very close to your body. This stance will add much more force to your punch. This move is extremely beneficial, because it gets your blood pumping, and it will increase your heart rate. Your upper body strength will be improved, and your coordination will get much better over time.


There are a couple of kinds of kicks that are most often used in kickboxing. When you are doing a side kick, your body should be in a defensive position, and your intended target should always be on your right side. You will need to raise your right knee towards your left shoulder before kicking towards your target. If you are kicking a person or an object, then you will need to ensure that you make contact with either your heel, or the outer edge of your foot. The procedure is the same for both legs. A front kick requires you to be in a defensive position as well. Your knee will need to be lifted so that it is vertical to your hip. You will then need to straighten your knee before kicking forward.

Uppercut Punch

To perform an uppercut punch, you must stand in a defensive manner. Your fist will need to be lowered, and you should swing it up almost as if you were punching someone under the chin. As your arm comes forward, your hips should pivot slightly, so that you have added force.

Benefits of Kickboxing for Women

All of the above moves provide multiple benefits to women. They can be done alone, or they can be combined to get an ultimate kickboxing workout. Kickboxing will allow women to burn tons of calories. On average, 500 calories can be burned per hour, and that number can rise all the way to 800 per hour, depending on how intense the workout is. The butt, shoulders, arms, thighs, and abs will be targeted with kickboxing, so women can get a great all around workout in one session. A kickboxing class is also beneficial as far as self-defense is concerned. Women will be able to learn how to protect themselves against harm. That in itself is a phenomenal benefit.