Booty Blasters

Written by: Kayte Corrigan

Memorial Day is 6 weeks away, will you be wearing white? Part of a strong core is strong glutes and strong glutes don’t look half bad in a pair of white shorts. When you burn the booty don’t forget about the other stabilizers like your abs and inner thighs. They are all working together to lift that bum and tone all over.

If it’s your posterior you want to target, doing a little extra of these mat Pilates exercises while watching TV can make a difference that’s black and white. Color of your pants, that is!
Shoulder Bridge - Lying on your back, knees apart and bent, feet flat on the floor. Squeeze the glutes and hamstrings and raise the pelvis off the floor to the sky, pressing evenly into both feet. Repeat the lift and lowering of the pelvis, keeping the abs engaged to prevent the load from going into the lower back. The neck and shoulders stay relaxed on the mat. For more of a challenge lift one leg up to the sky and lift and lower then switch legs and repeat.
Side Leg Series - Lying onto one side, line the back of your body up with the edge of the mat and cradle your head with the bottom arm. Maintain that straight line from head to toe, supporting with the top arm if necessary and lift the top leg to hip height. Lower and lift the leg, pointing the foot on the lift and flexing on the lower. Next, keep the leg at hip height and draw small circles to the front and then reverse, using the core to keep the pelvis stabilized. After that, lift the top leg up to hip height and bring the bottom leg up to meet it. Then lift both legs at the same time. Repeat each exercise for 5-10 reps before moving onto the other side.
Leg Lifts Prone - On your forearms and knees (or your palms of your hands if that feels better) straighten one leg behind you and then bend it in half like you’re going to poke the ceiling with your toe. Just like bungee kicks (without the bungee) little pulsing lifts to target the crease of your seat where the hamstring meets the glute. Think of tucking your tailbone under and rounding your back to not only engage your abs, but also protect your lower back and making your glute work harder. Repeat on the other side.
Fun fact: The word Gluteus is derived from the latin word meaning Rump! Workout your rump for summer!