Try Something New! Barre Classes at HIP Studio

barre classesBarre exercise has people hyped up about getting fit, and for good reason. The workout is fun! So what makes it so special? It’s special because there is no other workout regimen like it. It promises the suppleness and grace of a dancer’s body, and incorporates many ballet techniques that give people the ultimate body workout that they are looking for. Barre classes are inspired by ballet workouts, but they offer so much more. The moves that are done give people the opportunity to sculpt their body in the right way, so that they can keep their bodies in optimal condition at all times. Barre infuses yoga and Pilates in with ballet exercises so that people can have a full body workout that will leave them craving for more. What Are Barre Exercises?

Barre workouts are performed with aids such as a wooden hand railing that you would typically see in a ballet studio. One of the reasons why people love this exercise so much is that they can do it at home with a simple chair, countertop, or anything stationary that will provide support. The main focus of Barre exercises are body alignment and postural strength to begin with, but other things will be added to the workout as you progress through the class. All major muscle groups will be targeted, so you will be able to see results within just a few sessions. Barre exercises are high energy and low impact, so they work very quickly on the body.

Top Benefits of Barre Workouts

  • The workout is extremely easy to learn.
  • Leaner and longer muscles can be achieved.
  • Flexibility will be improved.
  • Core strength will increase over time.
  • The risk of injury is very low when compared to other workouts.
  • You will be able to burn fat quickly, while toning your body.
  • Stress levels are reduced, and people have better self-confidence.
  • Your will learn to control your mind, body, and muscles.
  • Barre exercises are very therapeutic for many people who have various types of health conditions.
  • Minimal equipment will need to be purchased, so it is a really affordable workout program.
  • The exercises are fun and versatile, so you will never get bored.

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Hip Studio is a great place to take classes and learn about Barre exercises. All our trainers are certified, so you will always be able to maximize the benefits of your workout with their advice and guidance. If you have never joined a fitness program before, then you will love what Hip Studio has to offer. Give it a try and get on the path to a healthy lifestyle! If you want to get involved with other types of exercise programs, we also offer yoga, Pilates, and other exciting and stimulating exercise programs. Hip Studio is located near Manhattan Beach, so you will be able to enjoy the glorious views after having a great workout. Give it a try by signing up today!