Barre Classes: 4 Myths, Busted!

1) Barre Classes Are Just For Dancers, FALSE! I’m sure you walked in to your first Barre class and thought, oh boy, look at all of these dancers. What am I doing here? Well guess what? They aren’t dancers, they just look like them! And you are about to! Yes, the Barre workout was developed by a German ballet dancer who combined her ballet Barre workout with rehab exercises after a back injury but that doesn’t mean that you have to be a dancer in order to look and feel like one!

2) Barre Classes Are Just for Women. NOPE, Meet Eric! 

barre classes

Everyone, meet Eric! Eric is a very healthy, handsome, successful man living in Hermosa Beach. Eric also happens to be a Barre student and was willing to answer a few questions for us.

HIP: Eric, why did you decide to take Barre classes?

Eric: I Decided to try the classes with my buddies because a few of our girlfriends who were going convinced us to go and were swearing by the workout. (Of course they also mentioned that a lot of the girls taking the class were quite attractive, and that did not hurt!)

HIP: Tell us about your experience . . .

Eric: My experience was really positive.  It is a great leg and core workout and I was always pretty spent after an hour session.  The ab-exercises were really great and I enjoyed the short meditation session at the end of the class to cool off and clear my head.  My legs and core felt really strong by the end the time I went to the classes and it was great for surfing and volleyball!  I think my shoulders got moderately stronger from the light-weight exercises they had us doing, but I didn't witness an increase in size.

HIP: How frequently do you take Barre?

Eric: The first month, I took the classes 2-3x/week.  After that I tapered off to 1-2X/week and maybe only a few times/month towards the end of the period when I was working out there.

HIP: Were you often the only male in Barre classes?

Eric: No, I was never the only male there.  The first month we had a solid group of 4-5 guys going, but that tapered as time went on.  There was always 2-3 other guys there when I went, regardless if they were people I knew or not.

HIP: Thanks Eric!

3) Barre Classes Don’t Make You Sweat, WRONG! Bring A Towel.

The main original fundamentals of Barre workouts are small deep muscular movements done repetitively working specific muscle groups to near failure. Extra special focus and control is paid to the legs, butt and abs. Stretching sequences are commonly included throughout this intense workout. If that doesn’t make you sweat, then we don’t know what will! Be sure to bring a towel to your next Barre Class.

4) Barre Is Not Cardio. NO, It’s Better!  

A cardio workout is one that uses a wide variety of muscles. It requires a pulse goal of 65 to 85% above each individual’s regular resting pulse. Take your pulse in the morning before arising from bed. Count it for 60 seconds. Normal Resting Pulse Rates range from 60 to 100 beats per min. However, they vary person to person and may be higher or lower depending on your overall health and workout habits.

During a 50 minute Barre Class at HIP Studio your heart rate will go up and down while working your muscles to ultimate failure. We like to call this “the shake” don’t be embarrassed when you get “the shake” this just means that you are doing everything right! Not only are you increasing your heart rate and burning fat in those problem areas, you will also experience what we like to call “the after burn” where you are burning calories well after your workout. Something traditional cardio like running doesn’t provide.

Glad we were able to clear that up. Are you ready to see for yourself? HIP Studio offers Barre Classes daily. Sign up today. Don’t forget your towel and you’re A-Game!