4 Ways Barre Classes Can Increase Your Productivity

If you have heard about the effectiveness of newly popular barre classes, you may be interested to learn some of the benefits associated with this fun form of exercise. Barre is a combination of Pilates, yoga, and dance. It is meant to be a total-body workout that stretches, tones, and strengthens muscles to look long, lean, and dancer-like. Not only do many women and men see a difference in their physical appearance after diligently working out at barre classes, but many also notice a difference in their productivity. The following 4 reasons explain just how barre classes can increase your productivity in ways you might not expect.

barre classes

1. Eliminate Fatigue

When you feel fatigued, it is hard to find the motivation to get-up and get things accomplished. Whether you find that you are often sleepy or non-energetic in the daytime, or you simply feel “blah” and don’t have any motivation to meet your goals, you may find that barre classes are of great help. With the combination of Pilates moves into your barre workout, you may feel a heightened sense of energy and motivation after you have gotten into a good routine. Generally speaking, people who exercise more frequently are often more energetic and have the ability to accomplish more in a day.

2. Restful Sleep

Along with a good, solid workout, you are also burning more calories and relieving stress. By keeping your barre class routine fairly steady, you keep your body accustomed to losing calories in the day, and regaining energy at night when you sleep. Your body will recognize that you need the rest. With the lower-stress level, you may also find that your mind is more rested in the evening, and not racing with one hundred thoughts per second. Getting adequate nighttime sleep may help you be more productive in the morning and throughout your day.

3. Positive Outlook

With the combination of yoga into a barre workout, there is time for meditation and the release of stress. By finding an outlet for your worries, stress, anxiety, and fears, you can achieve a more positive outlook in life. Exercise is known for releasing endorphins in the brain that help you to be happier and more optimistic in daily decisions. Getting into the pattern of a good barre class workout may help you to more effectively regulate your moods.

Along with the scientific side of the positivity behind barre workouts, there is also a socio-emotional connection as well. The more you keep-up with your regular barre workout routine, the more likely you will be to tone and strengthen your body. With these newly toned muscles can come self-confidence and a self-image that you can be proud of. Working out may also help you to have a more positive view of yourself and your fitness capabilities.

4. Say “good-bye” to Aches and Pains

The combination of the strength training of dance and Pilates, paired with the dynamic stretching of yoga can create a workout that does more than help your physical appearance. Strengthening the core muscles of the body can lead to better abdominal and back strength. With these stronger muscles you are more capable of supporting your own torso in a way that you are not slouching or leaning. Better posture often leads to less aches and pains, especially in the back.

So if you are feeling like you could be more productive during the day, it might be due to a lack in exercise, and a barre class at HIP Studio could be just the ticket.