Barre Classes – For A Total Body Workout!

Barre Classes Transform Your Mind and Your Body Have you ever admired a dancer and wonder how they get that long, lean body shape?  Well, thanks to the new fad in the workout world, you do not have to go to a dance class to get a dancers body.  The latest fitness trends include barre classes, and the workouts are designed to give you that lean, long body.  These classes combine ballet elements, Pilates and yoga movements.  While most of the time in a class is spent at the ballet barre, you are using your own bodyweight for resistance, as it focuses on your balance and core.

HIP Studio offers a class called hip barre fusion.  It helps to reshape your lower body, create flat abs, tone upper body and improve posture.  This dynamic total body workout is unlike any barre classes you've taken. This energizing blend of ballet, barre, mat Pilates, yoga and cardio dance is guaranteed to make you sweat, shake and smile.  This workout is so popular, mostly due to the results that you can see with consistency and a proper diet.  Your muscles will become elongated, reshaping your body, thus becoming physically stronger.

If you are new to barre classes, most classes follow a similar format.  They are held in a large room with mirrored walls and barres attached to the wall, along the perimeter of the room.  Classes are 60 minutes long, and they include a short warm up, followed by a short time of upper-body work then the majority of the class will focus on barre exercises that work the lower body.  A few abdominal exercises will follow, and then the class ends with a cool down period and stretches.  These classes are designed to help you change the way you look, and feel.  Attending a barre class, you will notice an increase in your energy level and your stamina improved.

barre classes

A few things to remember before your very first class.  Come early to introduce yourself to your instructor, and ask to be familiarized with the equipment you will be using.  Wear leggings and a fitted top, and shoes are never allowed!  The best socks to wear are specialized socks with grips on the bottom.  The most important thing to bring is a water bottle.  Drink water before, during and after the class.

The exercises are based on dance moves that require balance, which works your core.  As you are holding the position for an extended amount of time, you are elongating your muscle and improving its endurance.  When there is consistency in attending classes you will see improvement in how long you are able to hold positions, and you will notice an increase in your strength and flexibility.  The exercises are very easy to pick up – do not be intimidated and most of all, have fun!