A Much Kneaded Touch

Written by: Kayte Corrigan

If you’re working out 4+ days a week, you’re well acquainted with sore muscles. If you’ve ever trained for a marathon or another athletic endeavor you know it feels “soooo good” when you get a couple thumbs on the right spot. A little to the left, to the left, down, up… ahhh.

Beyond workouts, we store a lot of stress in our necks and backs due to our first world activities at the computer and sitting in a car. Anxiety and stress can get blocked up and create tension. A massage can actually reduce the levels of cortisol as it helps you to relax and stay relaxed. As the cortisol levels decrease, your immunity cells get a boost as a result. Massage increases delta waves in the brain associated with deep sleep, which will help you get the proper recovery and rest your body needs. Studies have also seen improvements in alertness, PMS symptoms and migraines from regular massages.

After a hard workout or a hard day, just 10 minutes of massage can help recover time as well a prolonged stiffness and back pain. Make it a point to link up with a giving partner once a week, but also don’t neglect seeing a professional every once in a while. Massage is more than just a luxury spa treatment, it’s for your health.

**A few HIP Clients are massage therapists, look for their business cards on the bulletin board and make your appointment today.