A Clean Shopping Story, Written by: Kayte Corrigan

My boyfriend and I are one the wagon with this HIP 90 Challenge. For this story I will call him Mister Red (just in case I reveal his midnight snacking habit…oops). The month of January we worked on our before pictures indulging in all the junk filling our cabinets. The Sopranos inspired a vat of baked ziti. Bad day blues were given cookie therapy. Every refined grain, sugar, and manufactured concoction was consumed during this fat month, topping it off with an extra slice of cheesecake while we waited out the Super Bowl Blackout. It was gluttonous.

Day 1 of the challenge, shopping list in hand, we headed to the store. All honesty, I don’t like grocery shopping, but when I do go, I like to take my time. Especially if I’m meticulously reading nutrition information. This is far too slow for Mister Red, who I believe has yet to fully grasp the concept of eating clean. After turning over a few favorite items and realizing they were not acceptable for our cart, he got restless and found me browsing the pancake mix selection.

imageI really love fluffy multigrain pancakes. The kind you top with fruit and sticks for a good few hours. Upon Mister Red’s impatient discouragement, I aborted my clean eating breakfast treat solution. The silver lining came when we found organic bread loaded with whole grains and seeds to satisfy our carb needs, and no funny business.

After checking out with our whole foods, produce and new favorite bread we returned home to a letter from Coach’s Oats. We had purchased a bag of their multigrain pancake mix about a month or so ago from Costco to serve my morning weakness. In fact, we had made a batch to round out our dirty eating habits just 2 days before. The letter was informing us of the recall on certain expiration dates due to metal bits found in the oats. METAL BITS! Our bag was one of the ones recalled and we took the remainder of our product back to Costco for a full refund. We used the money to buy strawberries and spinach.

Needless to say, we are really happy to be on the clean eating quest, without metal bits. And I think Mister Red gets it now.

Any clean eating revelations for you?

Kayte Walsh

HIP Trainer/Editor