Prenatal Pilates Series With Maggie!



Saturday, September 8th, 15th and 22nd at 11am

Now that you're pregnant you'll want to stick to your Pilates routine more than ever! Doctor approved of course.  Our 3 part prenatal series will give you the tools you need to stay strong and flexible during each trimester. 

Each week Maggie will target specific areas. This will help you stay connected to your muscles and give you 'go to' exercises for all your group classes.  
Weekend 1: upper body
Weekend 2: lower body
Weekend 3: full body and stretches


Proper range of motion and stretching

Keeping your muscles strong and in proper alignment

How to correctly strengthen your abs

Maintaining your flexibility

 Opening your hips (trust us you'll want this!)


Adjusting spring loads

Enjoying your beautiful belly and staying safe in class

This is a 50-minute class and after Maggie will take time to answer any questions you have.

$35 per session or $89 for 3 part series.