2017 Let's Do This! HIP90 Starts Monday!

We're so excited to start this year's challenge!!

Each year, it gets better and better, and that's exactly what happens when you join. You just get better, healthier, happier and confident.


My diet has been transformed, my attitude toward food has changed.  I eat things that will provide nourishment.  Everyone can see the change - I lost around 19 pounds, it is pretty dramatic! 
- Maureen O.

This has been an amazing journey and I have learned so much in the process. My husband and I are both on board to continue this lifestyle and I can’t wait to see my body and mind continue to change.
- Rachel F.

"Doing this challenge was one of the best decisions I ever made. It really is a life changer!" 
-Justine M.


Every time I've done the challenge i've improved my eating habits a little more. I go into the Challenge thinking there's nothing 'cleaner' I can do, then I find more ways to eat even cleaner. I will do the challenge again for this reason and because every time I do it I get surprised by something I learn - like how awesome it is to walk Chase to school. 
-Erika M.

 The tweaks I made were just about getting educated and being mindful - I didn't mind switching to Ezekiel sprouted grain tortillas or sashimi versus sushi - but I just needed to know it was important and why. I definitely proved I could lose bad habits and make good ones. 
-Heidi T.


"I definitely feel like I am now on a path to healthy eating and can make better choices about what I buy and what I make. It really reset my entire mindset to what is healthy and worth putting into your body and what you can live without. And that little changes can really make an impact.I am beyond thrilled with the results. I never imagined my body would change this much in 60 days."
- Jessica F.