Juan walked in our doors on September 2011 with a mission. We both remember this day because he told us he researched EVERY Pilates studio in the area so it made us feel pretty good he decided on hip. He said he was here to lose 20 pounds. We told him it wouldn't happen overnight but it would happen and this past February he shared this: IMG_1042'I just wanted to let you both know that after almost two years, I have finally reached my weight loss goal. I stepped on the scale today and to my surprise it read 170 pounds! That's a weight loss of just over 20 pounds! I wanted to thank the both of you and also Maggie for helping me reach this goal. There was a long period there where I thought I would never be able to attain it. I could not have done it without you or your wonderful studio. I can never say enough about your amazing classes, positive energy, and instructors. Thanks again for everything'. 

Juan's transformation has been pretty amazing for us to watch. In his first year he lost 4 waist sizes! Everyone started to notice the change and he did it by making a few small changes to his lifestyle. As a former Round House pizza lover; he cut out refined carbs and limited his fruit to a banana before Bag of Tricks. By cleaning up his diet and committing to 4 to 5 classes a week his progress started to show.

Now just after 2 years he has lost over 20 pounds and gained a ton of muscle! Juan didn't do any crash diets or quick fix programs; he did it the right way. Small changes lead to big results. As a full-time doctor and father of two, we are sure it was hard to find the time but all it took was SHOWING UP! To date he has taken a total of 577 classes and it's not just Pilates. Juan has taken almost every single class on our schedule. Even Cardio Band, which he calls a 'happy accident.'

Juan congratulations and we are so excited to see what this next year holds for you!