Get your sweat on!! Get intoxicated by Groov3! POP-UP July 7th!!

 It's the power of 3!! Out-of-the-box workout to make you DANCE, SWEAT & LIVE!

You will sweat and have so much fun with this more than just a dance class workout! The non-stop DJ set will have you grooving to very accessible choreography that even "2 left feet" can slay!! 

Groov3's commitment to building a community of fun, happy, energetic people who support each other with the common goal to change the world, one eight count at a exactly what HIP studio wants to share with the Southbay!! 

You will leave smiling and ready to share your new grooves with all your friends and family!!! 
Let's do this!!





Saturday February 3rd, 10th and 17th at 11:30am

Want to come to class but aren't sure what you should and shouldn't be doing with Baby on board? 

Just getting back into exercise after baby? You can join too! A lot of the modifications Maggie will teach are the same for the first months post baby!

What to avoid
Listening to your body
Modifications for basic moves we use in class for expecting mothers/ mothers coming back after baby
Adjusting spring loads
Enjoying your beautiful belly and staying safe in class

This is a 50 minute class like any other but designed just for our prenatal clients. The first class will start very basic and we will add new moves each Saturday. Everyone there will be pregnant or just have had their baby. Maggie will give you a great workout while giving you helpful tips on how to use the Reformer for your benefit during all your Group Classes. She will take time after class to answer questions too.

$35 per session or $89 for 3 Part Series

What Classes To Take To Get Maximum RESULTS!

As we've grown over the years so has our schedule and our experience. We are proud to say all our trainers at HIP have over 8 years or more experience!! Through our experience we've seen and done a lot. We know what works and what doesn't work. We've been cardio junkies, gym rats, boutique fitness hoppers... you name it we've done it. Through trial and error we've learned you need a balance of Cardiovascular Training, Resistance Training and Pilates.

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