Years of training and experience on what we know works and doesn’t work goes into each class on the schedule. Classes are carefully designed to give you what you need to develop a lean, balanced and healthy body. If you stick to this schedule consistently for one month coming at least 3x a week you will see and feel a difference. 

You will create balance where there are imbalances. Create lean muscle, healthy joints, strong bone density and have a whole lot of fun!

Pilates, HIIT/Cardio and Sculpting Classes are the three areas our method focuses on. With the right combination of each you will give your body everything it needs to achieve results. If you need help deciding what classes to take, email us we'll prescribe you a plan.


The reformer is where you build strength, work on form & alignment and learn how to correctly engage your muscles. Each class is designed to fire the smaller, intrinsic muscles so they work together with the larger, dominant muscles to create balance and strength throughout the body. You will develop a lean, flexible, strong body by strengthening the deep muscular structure in each exercise. This is your foundation and will carry over into other aspects of your life, both in and out of the studio. 


Our HIIT 50 class and The Athlete gets your body in fat burning mode. We target the bigger muscle groups in these classes using heavy weights and HIIT principles, giving you the ultimate calorie burner and increasing your cardiovascular endurance. Using the JumpSport mini trampoline we give you our signature cardio workout and combine it with TRX and HIIT intervals for the most effective way to build muscle and boost your metabolism. These classes are designed to 'shock' your body and only needed 1 or 2 times a week.


Cardio Band, Optimal Refine, Burn & Sculpt and Barre-10-sity classes are designed to work the smaller muscle groups. These classes will give you a lean, toned and defined body. You will work deep into your intrinsic muscles giving you muscular definition and lose inches in your hips, thighs, arms and waist. Each Sculpt class includes a high intensity cardio session on the mini trampoline or the floor for added effectivness.