hiplife Health Coaching

At hip studio, we are all about health! We are committed to living the hip life and to being our best selves. It is our purpose to provide the support and accountability you need to be your best self! We know that our mental, emotional and spiritual health is just as important as our physical health. We believe in holistic and integrative living and in growing our community of passionately healthy hipsters!

“This past year has been one of vital contemplation and transformation. Like so many of us, transformation happens as a result of a kind of breakdown, and my experience has been just that. Becoming a mother three-and-a-half years ago, and then having a second child a year-and-a-half ago, has rocked my world in a way I couldn’t have prepared for. It has awakened a wild, deep and unshakable love, and has also brought me to my knees in a profoundly humble way. It has moved me to examine and evaluate myself in a way nothing else has. In my seeking, I was led to become a health coach. I was searching for ways to heal myself, and in turn discovered that helping others to heal is a path that feels very right, clear, and obvious – it’s the journey I’ve been traveling on for a long time and didn’t even realize. As a health coach, I help men and women discover and trade-in habits, behaviors, thoughts and beliefs that are no longer serving them, for new habits, behaviors, thoughts and beliefs that will transform mind-body-spirit. Creating new neuropathways, new habits, new ways of reacting and responding to life … it is not a journey of perfection, but of constant seeking and evolving. I truly believe that sharing is transformative … I believe that connecting in honest and open ways is healing … this is my intention with hiplife … to create a space for connection and healing.” Amber, co-owner HIP Studio on launching hiplife.

hip life services include:

One-on-one Health Coaching

Group Coaching

90-Day Total Transformation

14-Day Reset Cleanse

Monday Night Mind-Body Revolution:

The first Monday of every month from 7:30 – 9:00pm, we will gather at hip studio to share our stories and collectively raise the awareness of holistic health, nutrition, mindful eating, meditation, motivation, movement, connection, creativity, purpose and balance. We will quiet our minds, connect with ourselves and others, and get a little inspiration to take back into our busy lives. We will provide one another with support, community and accountability to achieve optimum health! Monday Night Mind-Body Revolution

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