Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio Kickboxing classes at HIP Studio incorporate high intensity interval training while producing head to toe results. Every punch, kick, elbow, knee, duck, dodge and block originates from a tight, stable core. Your abs will be working at all times, so you won’t have to do a million crunches.

Each kick isn’t just about gaining powerfully defined legs, it’s about improving balance, agility and joint health. And the punch isn’t just about your biceps; the power comes from a strong back and shoulder stabilizers. Not only will this strength keep your shoulders in working order, but the muscles in your arms will become more defined.

Kickboxing classes at HIP Studio Hermosa Beach add a cardio element to promote a healthy heart and improve metabolic rate to burn mega calories all on one 50 minute class. In addition to blowing off steam, releasing stress and getting aggression out, you’ll also be improving your coordination, focus and heart function. Cardio Kickboxing has all the benefits of a total body workout, giving you the cardio you need and the strength training to burn calories all day long. Not to mention you will learn a thing or two about self-defense.